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Hood Episode 4 Hood Episode 4

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I started playing the first episode when I am going through the "Under Judgment" channel, and it has gotten onto me since then. It was quite satisfying to see that what you like actually gets to be on the top list, but at the same time I do get quite... touched... when it has finally reaches the end. To be honest, I've gotten in love with that pumpkin for a period of time now, and he is also one that would be giving opinion towards anything that I've pointed out (or clicked) but seriously, it's pretty fortunate for him not to get cooked, or became a pumpkin on a stick!!

Reviews in general, most of the puzzles are having indirect hints, and it do get quite hard when you started seeing something foreign stuffs all over the place! But what they would always say, CLICK ALL THE PLACES!!! But that guy that appeared randomly on the episode 3 still scared me though... that dead ancient!

What about my favorite part for this finale episode? My shovel is proven to be better than that Wild shovel, woof!

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